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For all the ways Mary Washington touched your life, take one day to touch the lives of future students.

On #MARYWASHDAY, your donations do double duty to build Eagle pride. Watch what happens when we all work together on March 14.

Mary Wash Giving Day is a celebration of the UMW spirit of giving back. It is a chance to put your Mary Washington pride into action by giving to University programs and students.

We have set a goal of 654 donors on Mary Wash Giving Day (654 is the prefix for all phone numbers on UMW’s main campus). Spread the word by posting on social media with #MaryWashDay and telling others why they should join you in giving to UMW on March 14.

What could my gift support?

Choose the area your gift will benefit or split your giving among several areas that are most meaningful to you. To make an unrestricted gift supporting the University’s areas of greatest need, give to the Fund for Mary Washington. You may also choose to give to UMW Athletics, scholarships, arts and culture programs, the President’s Impact Fund, the Amphitheatre Challenge, the three Colleges, and/or UMW Libraries. Join us in making Mary Wash Giving Day a record-breaking show of support for this special place and its bright, caring students!

Will my gift matter? 

Your participation, not the amount of your gift, matters most. The minimum gift on Mary Wash Giving Day is $5, and all gifts are a vote of confidence in UMW’s mission and purpose. If you are a Mary Washington alumna/us, your participation helps boost the University’s national rankings, safeguarding the value of your degree. To multiply your impact, share #MaryWashDay on social media and inspire others to give. 

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Donation Information

• Refund Policy: Contact us within thirty days of donation to request a refund.

• Funds are processed in the U.S.